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You are in!

 Great – You are  registered for

The Ines Simpson – Gary George – Shamanic Journey Event in Oceanside .

Saturday March 19th 1pm


As we get closer – more  details will be sent to your inbox .

 Stay tuned.

Any questions queries etc feel free to contact me directly at
Why me?” Some days I wonder why this gift was given to me. I didn’t understand. I didn’t ask for it. There is nothing special about me, I am just an ordinary guy. But yet, it still came. It took several years to make peace with it all and to understand what my gift was.
I feel very humbled. It brings a tear to my eye with each treatment that I do. I am grateful that I am able to deliver whatever a person is needing. It’s not me doing the work; it is the spirits coming through me. My whole life I have wanted to help people. I believe we are all gifted in our own way. This is my gift to share with the world.
Just be who you really are. Don’t be somebody you are not.
“As we walk the long journey of our short lives, may we be filled with peace, love and compassion.”

– Gary George
Grey Wolf Spirit Medicine

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