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Hypnosis and Pregnancy


SP Foundational Birthing Hypnosis is a complete inclusive program to obtain the best possible birth scenario for mother and child and family

· SP Foundational Birthing Hypnosis is unique in that it connects mother to baby at the earliest possible time, thus allowing full connection and communication with the baby-to- be, and mother.

· SP Foundational Birthing Hypnosis allows mother and child  to grow together and have a strong attachment and awareness of the other, pre- birth, post birth and into their lives.

· SP Foundational Birthing Hypnosis builds the foundation at embryo level for Mother and Child for a future positive life

· SP Foundational Birthing acknowledges the possibility of not just birth Trauma or Fear on the part of the mother (or the Mother’s Mother) but the possibility of the embryo coming into life with existing trauma – and releasing all

Why Simpson Foundational Protocol for Birthing?

· SP Foundational Birthing is the Ultimate Hypnosis Program for your client to achieve SAFE, PAINLESS, AND JOYFUL Birth.

And this can all be done online from the comfort of your home. No tedious and uncomfortable travel


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