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A Special Self Hypnosis Program

I made this File for you – its the SP Pro-Health program – made into a little self Hypnosis program for you

This works – in fact, you may have even had me use it if you are a client

It works not because I say all the right words

It works because you take the time to allow your ‘HigherMind” ‘SuperConscious’ Whatever you want to call it – to access the healing parts of you – and do its work

It works because you allow your body to accept the best signals to allow the best health. Our Bodies are remarkable machines that self heal all the time. And the more we ‘get out of our own way’ and allow the right messages and signals – the better our bodies do

So here – in these stressful times -please accept this – please use this- as many times as you choose.

The main message is in “Pro-Health’ Audio file – Play it here – or download it and put it on any mp3 player or computer

But listen to the first 2 audio messages first – they explain a little









Play here


Download file here – mp3 Zip file

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And for Clients who have the Self Hypnosis triggers- given in the session

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