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Intro to Hypnosis eBook by Ines Simpson

If you have never taken a course or have, if you’ve never had a session with Hypnosis or have – but you’ve wondered what is it with this Hypnosis deal?  Feel free to check out this book.
Or you’ve had some experience and wondered what else there may be – go ahead check out this book.
If you wonder if there is any money in it – and what kind of career it may be – full or part time – go ahead and download this book – feel free

Its FREE and it is as it says – a Simple Introduction to Hypnosis
A gift about my world to yours
“This is not a book about how to hypnotize a person – as simple and straightforward as that is  –  can be taught in a very short amount of time – there is so much more to hypnosis than that.
This book is to give you an idea of the scope and reach of hypnosis and what it can do for you, and others.”