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Hypnosis and Performance


Many of us have heard the term “being in the zone.” In sports, this is a natural state of trance in which everything on the field or court seems to slow down and the game comes easily to the player. How do athletes get there?

Mental focus, concentration and visualization are critical to success in any endeavor, and sports in particular. Adding a mental training regimen to physical and sport-specific training can greatly increase confidence, consistency and ability.

One such therapy finding success in sports is clinical hypnotherapy – or hypnosis, which can show the athlete how he or she can achieve being in the zone in mind, body and spirit. (Health  Clinic Cleveland)   Tom Gigliotti, MA, LISW-S, ACHT

Hypnosis is used for Olympic Athletes, Horse Riding, Golf, Skiing, Swimming – in both for Professionals and the part-time dabbler.

Anything that involves Body coordination is improved by the use of Hypnosis – whether formal with a Hypnosis or your own use of Self Hypnosis

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