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an email from a recent client

When we started the meeting, I was worried about the future, was not really able to work and my depression said “hello again”. 3 years of therapy seemed to be useless, I was there where I started years ago. One hour later, this heavy blanket had gone and I was able to take a real deep breath, what was not possible for … decades. Not only physically, but also mentally. And the depression had gone. Something has changed during these 45 minutes fundamentally. I don´t know what and how, but it even my muscle tension had gone after the session – what caused often heavy headaches.

I became a more .. loving (?) person. It´s hard to describe my inner feelings and basic mood better. Loving? Caring? Kind? Loved? Accepted? Everything at the same time? I don´t know, but it feels so good.  Once I had a dream, and in this dream I had exactly the same feeling. The only difference was, that I was not able to evoke this feeling when I was awake, no matter how hard I tried. Now I can and it is a constant companion. And it´s not only a change in myself, but in my family too.

Our appointment was life changing for me. I can only express my gratitude, more than I can put into words.