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Surrogate Hypnosis


Surrogate Hypnosis is where we work through a person ( the surrogate) to actually do work on a third.

There is usually a strong connection between the two. A mother to a daughter, or a daughter to a mother who is far away – or perhaps sick in a coma.

A mother to a young child who is having ‘ night terrors’ or bed wetting and is only 2 or 3 years old

Someone in your family who cannot connect – through illness, or distance or isolation and you can connect and reassure them, bond, help them with all the things hypnosis can help you – anxiety, depression, stress, physical ailments etc.

For the kind of things Hypnosis can work on see – WHY HYPNOSIS

Surrogate Hypnosis can also work on animals – your pet, your horse etc. Just like the above examples – the animal is not present – you work on their behalf.

Owners can bond with their pets, help them when they are suffering, or sick.

We do a lot of work with ‘rescue’ animals who need reassurance and connection to their new owners.

Animals who have gone through trauma.

Horses and owners or riders who want a true bond and connection

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