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Zoom Sessions

Using the internet for Hypnosis was sort of forced on me. I teach Hypnosis around the world – and when travelling, to keep up with my clients I had to use the internet for our sessions.

Even when at home, clients preferred to be able to stay in their own comfortable surroundings, and comfortable chair or bed, for their sessions. So almost all of my sessions, pre- COVID were on line.

There is nothing to setting up a Zoom session – I send you a link beforehand and just by clicking on it – it will set up Zoom on your computer for the session.

NOTE:  Of course to have an online session you need a computer with a microphone and webcam. All laptops and tablets have these – and that is preferred.

We can do sessions on a smartphone – but prefer not- because of the way we need to set up. See below.

To set up for a session, you can be in a chair or lying on a bed – as long as I can see your face and hands – as in the picture below- she was using a pillow for her hands in a comfortable chair.

And please be comfortable, remember a first session can take up to 1 hour and a half. Subsequent sessions, if needed, about half an hour to 45 minutes.

All in all on Zoom , in your own environment – it is a wonderful experience