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Why Hypnosis?

Simpson Protocol Hypnosis works on any and everything that is attached to the Mind. Your Mind. 

Your emotions, your anxiety, your trauma, your physical well being are all connected and interconnected to your Mind

Hypnosis as therapy allows Your Mind to have the freedom to ‘fix’ the issues or issues that create th symptoms – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally or Spiritually.

Your Mind – behind the conscious mind is very powerful, and when allowed will always work to your best outcome

As it is Your Mind doing the work – the change created is specifically tailored to you. Modern Medicine would love to tailor their ‘medicine’ to each person – Hypnosis already does that!

• The American Medical Association approved the use of hypnosis in 1958

• It has been successfully used for many years in medical and dental practices

• Hypnosis is a very safe and highly effective approach to resolving many issues

• A wide range of challenges can be addressed by hypnosis including fears, phobias, anxieties, and addictions

• Issues can often be resolved in as little as one session saving time, energy and money

• Hypnosis also has many coaching, spiritual and metaphysical applications

People you know who use Hypnosis 


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 Frequently asked questions about Hypnosis page – LINK HERE

What Hypnosis can help you with:

• Dealing with Fears and Apprehensions

• Referred Medical Issues

• Sexual Issues, Symptoms and Problems arising from sexual issues and functions

• Pain Release

• Releasing Sadness

• Releasing Anxiety

• Eating Management

• Sports Improvement

• Sleep Improvement

• Study and Test Anxiety

• Coping with Migraines

• Moving Through the Grieving Process

• Creating Personal Change Behaviors

• Metaphysical Hypnosis

• past Life and in Between Lives

• Progressions

• Spiritual Evolution

• Increasing Your Intuition and Psychic Awareness

• Smoking Cessation

• Aiding With:

▸ Diabetes

▸ Heart Disease

▸ Multiple Sclerosis

▸ Tinnitus


▸ Other Referred Medical Issues

▸ Addictions


  • James Grieve -

    Can a person learn to hypnotize others by taking courses in correspondence or does it have to be taught in person. I would love to hypnotize patients in the Philippines . To cover a wide range of phobias, anxieties, and addictions with drugs and Smoking Cessation and to help cope with loss of family and the grieving process.
    • Sleep Improvement

    • I will not say it cannot be done and I would not suggest it.Initial training in my opinion is best done live. Then you can then learn from video or on line If you wish you can go to my membership site and join the self-hypnosis part for free and get some understanding there.
      hope that helps

  • James Grieve -

    I hope you can get back to me with the learning process.

  • Past Life Regression QHHT -

    Hypnosis can help with so many burdens that we face. Thank you for compiling this list so people that do not know about hypnosis can realize its benefits.

  • Ridley Fitzgerald -

    I had no idea that hypnosis could help with so many things. It’s pretty great that it can help with sadness and anxiety. My brother struggles with depression and anxiety, so I’m sure he’d like to try this out.

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