A few Samples of Testimonials

In 2013 I had the great fortune to get to know the Simpson Protocol. Not only did I get to know it, but I felt in love with it. In love with this wonderful tool, with which I can help my patients even faster to even better results. And so I immediately started to integrate this tool into my daily practice. Today, many years later, I can say that I use the Simpson Protocol in nine out of ten sessions with my patients. My patients love the Simpson Protocol. Why? The answer is simple, they realize that it is holistic, that it is about achieving their desire and goal without having to share their entire life with me.

Today, I can’t imagine my hypnosis practice without the Simpson Protocol.

Stin-Niels Musche  Hypnotists and founder Hypno-school Hamburg


It has been 24 hours now and I’m still astonished how well and how efficient her technique is. I mean even today I’m feeling great I’m happy I’m positive I have hope and those are the word from a man who’s currently going through a nasty divorce because obvious past mistakes.

I can’t even put a price or a word on what Ines did for me. This was the best gift I could have ever hoped for. She gave me my life back, she gave me a future something to look forward to.

Gabe – a client



When we started the meeting, I was worried about the future, was not really able to work and my depression said “hello again”. 3 years of therapy seemed to be useless, I was there where I started years ago. One hour later, this heavy blanket had gone and I was able to take a real deep breath, what was not possible for … decades. Not only physically, but also mentally. And the depression had gone. Something has changed during these 45 minutes fundamentally. I don´t know what and how, but it even my muscle tension had gone after the session – what caused often heavy headaches.

I became a more .. loving (?) person. It´s hard to describe my inner feelings and basic mood better. Loving? Caring? Kind? Loved? Accepted? Everything at the same time? I don´t know, but it feels so good.  Once I had a dream, and in this dream I had exactly the same feeling. The only difference was, that I was not able to evoke this feeling when I was awake, no matter how hard I tried. Now I can and it is a constant companion. And it´s not only a change in myself, but in my family too.

Our appointment was life changing for me. I can only express my gratitude, more than I can put into words.


Extract from a post on Facebook

For two hours Ines worked with my super-conscious mind; corrected, mended and liberated so many pieces on so many levels that I felt completely restored and redesigned   On top of this, we did not even have one word on what the problem was! I thought I was working quite context free with my clients but, after experiencing this style, I understood that I was not even close!

The session seemed to me like Ines sat the greatest creator by her side, as her assistant and cooperating with that assistant, started restructuring me all over again

The feelings I express might seem over exaggerated but those were my feelings and hypnosis is the ability to create the expectation and the belief that change will happen and it absolutely did the job for me!

When we started our session, I was sick with a runny nose and coughs; yet when I woke up the next morning, out of the most relaxing sleep ever, I totally felt at peace, oriented and happy!

Realising that there was no trace of any sickness was a fantastic side effect of all this!

I continued my work that day and met with several clients, feeling completely happy, transformed and grateful for all that happened.

online client



I have used every other method of mainstream hypnotherapy and none have allowed the results my clients achieve now – either in speed of change or quality of change. 

I use The Simpson Protocol that Ines taught me because it is so very efficient in helping clients resolve their issues. It allows us to leave no stone unturned so that your issues are resolved completely on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually – no matter where they are stored. 

And it is achieved while you are in a comfortable relaxed hypnotic trance allowing you to use your own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work within. This is a pure method of bringing about accurate change and is client-centred which empowers you. 

Kenneth C. Eldridge

Certified Practitioner – Simpson Protocol

Dip Clinic Hyp. Dip Paediatric Hyp. Cert Power Hyp

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia – Registered Hypnotherapist

International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Professional Hypnosis Certification

PHA Professional Member


 I am very fortunate to live in an area of the world that has a hypnotherapist instructor of Ines Simpson`s calibre. I am still awed at the depth of her commitment to furthering the profession of Hypnotherapy”
Dave Bartlett, Campbell River, British Columbia


Ines Simpson is a very respected hypnotist and lecturer on the Esdaile State (Simpson Protocol). [S]he is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the world.  I came away impressed with her professional expertise, but also with her character.  She never hesitates to say “I don’t know” or “Not proven yet.”  And THAT level of humility and honesty is not always present in world-class experts.”
–  H. Larry Elman ( son of the Hypnotist Dave Elman – one of the founding fathers of Modern Hypnosis)