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Hypnosis – the Book

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 A Simple Introduction To Hypnosis

This is not a book about how to hypnotize a person – as simple and straightforward as that is  –  can be taught in a very short amount of time – there is so much more to hypnosis than that.
This book is to give you an idea of the scope and reach of hypnosis and what it can do for you, and others.
And why it is, to me, one of the greatest professions in the world – whether you are 20 or 200! And how you can get started.

As a practice, there are so many aspects to Hypnosis

You can specialize in the large markets of smoking and weight loss

Or the high paying specialities like competition golf or sports

Of course, there are wonderful things to do with trauma, anxiety and PTSD that affect so many people.

Then there are anxieties like test anxieties, fear of flying, fear of heights etc.

In the beginning, I took anyone who would walk through the door and then look to specialize eventually.

And if you choose to start teaching you can travel the world and be paid for it!