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My Hypnosis and the Pre-Talk Videos

All Hypnosis is a choice – at every step of the way

You choose to allow Hypnosis

You choose to allow your mind to do the work to achieve your outcome

See Pre-Talk Videos at bottom of this page:-

I offer comprehensive individual hypnosis sessions to help you resolve your issues, gain more control over behaviors, and cope better with emotions. I use the powerful Simpson Protocol to help you reach the highest and deepest levels of hypnosis.

 Using the Simpson Protocol Hypnosis Method allows me to reach the root cause of your pain, suffering, or distress by going deeper into your own mind, where all of our discomfort and pain lies. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY by using Simpson Protocol I  never have to know what is the cause or any particulars about your situation – you know, your mind knows and that is what cause the change. I merely facilitate. I help you, but it is you who create the change.

You don’t have to tell me anything- if you choose.

You can use this type of hypnosis to help deal with anxiety,  eliminate stress and fears – deal with sexual issues and anxieties – phobias of any kind – drug or other related addictions – and of course help you with smoking and weight issues.

Hypnosis works on all these seemingly diverse issues because they all have a starting point somewhere in your mind or psyche and deep state hypnosis allows YOU to access these root causes, safely and without trauma and remove their charge or energy that causes the issue or issues.

CAVEAT: Like everything of value and power to you – Hypnosis work is done by you, not the hypnotist. It’s always your choice.

Much like choosing to use a personal trainer to help you exercise – no matter how good the trainer if you don’t do the exercises – nothing happens. In Hypnosis we cannot Hypnotise You. It’s always your choice to allow yourself to do the internal work (and that internal work unlike going to the gym – is a lot less strenuous).

Two Videos that may help you understand a little more about my sessions

PRE- TALK Video 1

PRE-TALK Video 2

Links for Videos:

Free Initial Consultations available

If you are uncertain whether hypnosis is for you, I offer a complimentary half hour consultation, by appointment, to help you decide if it is right for you.

First Session Cost: $ 275 (including tax) (typically an hour and a half to two hours)

follow-up $175 per hour (typical follow-up session last an hour or less and can be in person or on-line)

RECOMMENDED        3 Complete  Session Package

  $550 (inclusive)


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