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Hi – Ines Simpson here

I say take your major and first Hypnosis courses LIVE. I believe that is the best way.

But – sometimes that is not easy – or perhaps you have some basics and want to upgrade – then this course is outstanding. This exact VIDEO course was how I really accelerate my hypnosis Practice and found a solid foundation for all future work I did in Hypnosis. It’s from Jerry’s courses and encouragement I went on to create The Simpson Protocol.

Of course, I can Mentor you to Certification with my Personal Online Mentoring – but if you choose the Video Course with Jerry Kein we Mentor you through that too

If that’s a challenge at the moment – don’t wait to get started – don’t wait to get every duck in a row – sign up for Jerry’s course and use it as a foundation ( and Certification ) and then continue to grow. Go to conventions, participate with anyone you can and take in clients and go for it!

Now you can take the Complete Omni Certification Course on-line.

Learn on your own time – at your own speed.

Upon successful completion of the Basic-Advanced Hypnosis Course training, you are automatically certified by the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center (OHTC) and The International Board Of Hypnosis Education And Certification (IBHEC) at no additional charge. Your first year certification fee is included in the course fee.
Almost all other hypnosis organizations will cross certify you based on proof of the above certifications. Including the largest Guild in the world – the National Guild of Hypnosis- NGH.

The Basic-Advanced Hypnosis Course is approved for continuing education contact hours with:
The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
The National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification

Instructed by Gerald F. Kein

16 download files. Each video file 2 hrs. or more in length!

Over 33 hours of powerful high energy video training. Including the practice and reading time, the total course length is well OVER 100 hours!